Laurel Accent Table Lamp Matte Black Nova of California

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Inspire a bit of whimsy with the abstract rendition of nature in this LED accent table lamp in matte black. The angled neck with a characteristic drop erupting into a bulbous shade surely brings grandma's Laurels to mind, with the contemporary flair of clean lines and matte black finish. The practical features of this lamp are not to go unnoticed: a convenient USB port for charging your electronic devices, and of course the dimmable LED module which reduces eye strain and allows for precisely adjustable lighting. This energy-efficient contemporary table lamp makes a perfect addition to a bedside table or desk. Material: Functional, adjustable, bright, reading, LED, dimmable, USB, bright, sustainable, energy-efficient, .USB port - Easy access to charge your phone or other devices.Long lasting, energy efficient, LED illumination excellent for reading.Dimmable & Adjustable to put the right amount of light right where you want it.Classic Contemporary design and LED technology.Reduces eye strain
Dimensions: 7L X 11W X 20H
Weight (lbs): 0.77
Country of Origin: China
SKU: 1111513MB

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