We offer Free Delivery nationwide on order value $699+ ( Use code: FREE-SHIP at checkout for free shipping. Small Parcel shipments i.e.,UPS/FedEx & US Contiguous States only ) Our Free Shipping offer applies only to the products that are standard in size and limited in weight. Hazardous materials products have specific shipping criteria and may only be calculated after the order has been placed on the site. The shipping confirmation will be provided after it's been received from the shipping company. 

Over sized items (e.g., LTL and Air-borne shipments) are excluded from our Free Shipping Offer. The Freight is normally calculated based on several variables such as weight, size and delivery location.


Small Parcel Delivery

UPS is our preferred carrier for all small parcel shipments i.e., box(s) weighing less than 150lbs. Estimated delivery time is between 2 to 9 business days.


Curbside Delivery 

With Curbside Delivery, the driver will bring the package/box to your address and push the box(s) onto the sidewalk, in front of your house. Additional charges for services like lifting boxes into the truck or fork lifting pallets from the curb may be billed separately. Estimated delivery time is between 2 to 14 business days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The truck will not enter a driveway or road that has limited access or otherwise restricted from heavy truck use.


Threshold Delivery

With our Threshold Delivery, you can be sure that your order will arrive in front of your door or the door of your garage, according to your preferences, while having the entire order insured during shipping. Once the truck with your items arrived at the mentioned location, the delivery personnel will unload your items from the truck and take them to the front door of your house or garage, to allow you to take a good look at them. Do note that going up stairs is not included in this type of delivery. Also, the items will not be delivered as mentioned if the delivery unit cannot pass through the entrance of your property. In case the doors must be uninstalled from their hinges to complete the delivery, you will have to support additional fees. Also, the delivery does not include the installation of your items. Estimated delivery time is between 2 to 14 business days. Please do contact us at 877-871-8726, a toll free number, if you have further questions about the delivery or e-mail us at info@lamporia.com



White Glove Delivery 

This type of delivery services is the most suitable in case you want to order overweight or large items, although anyone can opt for it if this appears the best solution. During shipping, you items will be fully insured, while you will have them delivered to the preferred room inside your house, which must be on the first floor. Before accepting the delivery, please do inspect it. Also know that the materials used for packing will be collected, as much as possible, by the delivery team (still, this service may not be available in some areas). You need to have in mind that the delivery won’t be able to be completed if the unit won’t manage to fit through the door. If the hinges of your door have to be removed in order to make the delivery, you will have to support additional fees. Also, if you want to have the items delivered at a different floor, other than the first floor, you will have to pay $25 per floor. Installation services are not included in the delivery fee. Estimated delivery time is between 2 to 14 business days. Please call us at 877-871-8726, a toll free number, in case you need more info about the shipping of your order or e-mail us at info@lamporia.com

Please have in mind the following:

You will be called by the delivery company prior to the delivery, so they will give you info about the time and date of the delivery; 
Your items will be shipped directly from our warehouse to the designated destination; 
The truck will be equipped properly with mechanism that will allow heavy items to be safely lowered from the vehicle; 
The items are accompanied by a comprehensive physical inspection form, just in case there are any issues;

The items will be placed in your home as specified by you;

The packing materials will be removed off your products;

This type of delivery is available only if the shipped unit can fit through your door. If it doesn’t, you will have to pay an additional fee;

The delivery will be made on the first floor only, unless mentioned otherwise. If the delivery has to pass the first floor, you will have to pay an additional $25 per floor.

If you need Expedite Shipping, it can be done but only if you make a request for it. To make a request for an Expedite Shipping (within 3 days or 4 days Delivery) contact us at info@lamporia.com and we will be more than glad to help you.

Some orders may incur additional shipping charges due to the make of the product and the care it takes to deliver them safely to your place. We will notify you if additional fee is required to ship your product. There is a $95 charge that may apply to your account/invoice after you missed your delivery at the appointed time and the driver had to reschedule it.

Please inspect your merchandise carefully upon delivery before co-signing the BOL/Delivery receipt with the driver. If you see the box (s) damaged,open or cracked, let the driver know right away and mark the error on the slip. Please take the photographs of the damages and let our Customer Service Staff know immediately. Please note, we will not be responsible for any damage claims after you check the merchandise satisfactorily and find no error with the item(s) at the time of delivery.


International Shipping

We mainly ship in the Contiguous US States, Canada and Mexico. All other regions/territories and countries are subject to our pre-order shipment approval. Please note, International Shipping rates will be calculated manually to get the accurate shipping charges.

1) Certain products and brands sold by Lamporia.com are not available for International shipping. Please check with us for details before placing an order.

2) Lamporia.com is not responsible for estimating, or paying Customs Duties, Fees, Taxes, and or Brokerage Costs. Also Lamporia.com is not responsible for any product(s) held or seized by Customs or Government Agents: it is the customer’s responsibility to know and abide by all laws, codes, and restrictions on products ordered through Lamporia.com


Shipping Time & Date

Some orders may be delivered to your address from our multiple warehouses. Please note, you may receive your order(s) in different dates and times, depending on the type and the quantity of the product(s)

Please note, all shipping charges, sale tax amount (if applicable) and/or all other freight fees, shown in the cart, are for an estimated purposes only and may be changed and invoiced later to the customer if deemed necessary.


Safety & Precaution

Lamporia.com uses all proper materials and precautions to ensure the safety of our customers' items. Lamporia.com does not take any liability for a lost or stolen items after delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS

If there may be any other questions or accommodations you have, please email us at info@lamporia.com



At times, we may run into back ordered situation in our warehouses. You will be notified within 2 business days if your order is back ordered and provided an estimated shipping date. Backorders can usually be filled within approximately 14 business days. Upon backorder notification you will be given the option to cancel all or part of the order otherwise it will be shipped as soon as it is in stock. If a backordered item cannot be restocked and delivered, you will be notified via e-mail and it will automatically be cancelled.



Freight/Shipping fees are estimated only and meant to be applied for the shipping zones in the continent of the USA. These are "Estimates or Estimated Rates" only and are not "Quotes". Exact shipping and handling costs may be recalculated at the time of the shipment and billed to the customer after the order has been placed.

Several factors may impact the actual costs of the freight and can not be calculated until the time of shipping. Examples include air shipping methods which utilize dimensional weight more than actual weight and some heavy items. Lamporia.com does not accept any liability and will not be held accountable for the difference between estimated shipping fees on our site and actual charges.