Lighting Fixture Care & Maintenence

 Please read the important care and maintenance information for your fixture below:


  • Before cleaning any lamp shade or fixture, disconnect the power source (unplug from outlets)
  • To clean lamps made of opaque stained glass, art glass or jadestone, as well as most metal lamp bases and fixture frames, apply a lemon oil-based furniture polish to a soft cloth, and wipe gently.
  • To clean shades made of mica or fabric, wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster.
  • To clean lamps or fixtures made of beveled or transparent glass, apply a household glass cleaner to a soft cloth, and wipe gently.
  • For fixtures hanging near cooking areas in kitchens, that may have heavy layers of greasy buildup or dirt, we have found Mr. Clean Top Job® works best for cleaning. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth, and wipe gently. After cleaning, reapply lemon-oil based furniture polish to the shade, for best results.
  • To clean Lithophane porcelain lamps, apply soft cloth with warm soapy water. If stain exists on non-colored area, you can apply scouring powder. Clean and dry with soft cloth, like a fine piece of China. CAUTION: Hold lamp securely when cleaning because liquid makes porcelain slippery.