Tips for Perfect Lighting for your Home

Tips for Perfect Lighting for your Home

The lighting  of your home is among those items which you may not notice at the first but it really does have a good feeling and presence while you’re in your living space. However, if your home lighting is rather poor and you’re trying to carry out a task, or you don’t feel the way you should be feeling in your living space, you will certainly notice it right away. You home lighting is actually for the aesthetics, ambiance, chores and to see better in your own home. Think of whether your home has just the right lighting qualities which you’d like.

Top 6 Tips for the Perfect Lighting for your Home:

 If your home lighting is rather poor, follow these top 6 tips on how to select just the perfect lighting for your home and family.

1.      Consider the Ceiling Height:

It is important to knowing the ceiling height of your home when it comes to choosing the hanging light fixtures. There are some lighting options that do come with the adjustable rods or cords but others may not. It’s not a good idea to go for lighting that may hang too high or too low. As a rule, know that the bottom of your hanging lights must hang as much as 12-20 inches below a typical 8-foot high ceiling. And then you may add 3 inches for every added foot of ceiling height.

2.      Table Hopping:

While you consider hanging your lights over a kitchen island or a table, the recommended distance from the surface of your table to the tip of the light is about 28-34 inches. However, it is important to consider the light size as well because it does make a huge difference. Generally, a light of a smaller size can be moved to a lower position whereas a larger one may be moved higher.

3.      Choose the Lampshades wisely:

Lampshades can work as decorative enunciations but at the same time, they can also make a huge difference in the lighting that you may get from your lamp. Therefore, you must know your lighting goals so as to choose the right lampshade. The lampshades of lighter colors allow your room to be well-lit, whereas the darker ones can make the light rather localized and shine only above or below the fixture.

You may go for the typical lampshades. However, if your main aim is to have a room very well-lit, then it’s best to ditch the traditional lampshades entirely, and go for lights with mesh shades or glass or even the Edison-style lighting in which the bulbs are left bare.

4.      Go for Vertical Floor Lamps:

If the width of your rooms is less, then you may benefit from the height instead. The Torchiere floor lamps are perfect for apartments which lack in area since these can provide enough light without even taking up much of the tabletop space or the floor. It is suggested that you choose a floor lamp that can multitask, which means that it must have a torchiere top as well as a task light, so as to benefit the maximum from your lighting.

Going for the taller floor lamps is also a good choice when it comes to the narrow corners of your room which are often ignored, but they must not be. Floor lamps or table lamps help diffuse light in the entire room and offer adequate illumination in the dim nooks and corners.

5.      Don’t Avoid Colors:

Your room can have a fun and interesting look by using a light fixture in an upbeat shade in a rather simple room. There are various colored shades too which can actually do wonders, specifically when your lights are turned on.

6.      Light up any Staircases:

Adding some lighting to any staircases in your home is a very beneficial idea because it might be dangerous to take the stairs, particularly at night. Oftentimes, staircases are walled off, so it is important to embed the lights in the stairs in the form of a design element or light them up from the sides.


It may be considered as a design cliché, but having some good lighting in your home is literally everything. Lighting has the power to affect the mood and the ambiance of any space. With the right home lighting, you can enhance the entire interior look of your home.