Tips for Buying High Quality Furniture for your Home

Tips for Buying High Quality Furniture for your Home

It is not such an easy task to buy quality home furniture. This is because there’s always a problem of selecting the perfect furniture for a specific space especially when there is a lot of old furniture at your home. At the same time, there is an entirely new range of furniture these days. However, wooden furniture is almost always a favorite to most people and it can’t be replaced by any other kind. Before buying furniture and deciding on a piece, follow the top 7 tips for buying quality furniture for your home.

Top 7 Tips for Buying High Quality Furniture:

Here are a few tips that might help you buy quality furniture for your home:

1.      Know the Wood Types you’d like:

There are three categories of wooden furniture. These are solid wood, composite wood or particle boards and veneers.

Usually, solid wood furniture is a lot more expensive than the others and it also looks great, however it is vulnerable to water rings and scratches. Veneers are made out of low-priced wooden base protected by some layers of higher-quality wood. Veneers are cheaper than the solid wood pieces because of a cheaper core. Composite wood and particle board pieces are created out of a mixture of plastics, wood pulp and resin. These are in fact, the most reasonable kind of wooden furniture which also looks decent, but isn’t long-lasting.  

2.      Check the Cabinets and Drawers:

While looking for quality furniture pieces, you must open all the cabinets  and drawers. You must ensure that the drawers can be pulled out entirely, that they latch properly and shut equally. Check that the doors can open, remain in that position instead of closing on their own and can then shut too. Check the knobs and handles. They should be tight fitting and must not turn or jiggle.

3.      Avoid Furniture with Glue or Nails:

You must make sure that the wood is joined at corners and ends, that it isn’t nailed or glued in. In the manufacturing industry, this is called wood joinery; these wood pieces are a lot studier and can bear heavier weight.

4.      Suit your Lifestyle:

When it comes to the fabric of any piece of furniture, you must allow your lifestyle to decide the fabric and its colors.  For instance, if you own a huge, hyper pet dog that would constantly climb on your quality furniture, it would easily tear or stain your white suede couch in minutes. Thus, if you have many pets or kids around, you might want to go with the stain-resistant sturdier fabrics in dark colors such as tweed or linen.

5.      Inspect the Legs:

The legs of your furniture pieces must be wooden, heavy and jointed to the sofa’s or chair’s frame, instead of being nailed. This is because furniture legs made out of rubber, plastic or metal don’t look as good as those made of wood. Those can damage your floors and might also not hold up so well. The same is also true for the wooden legs that are nailed in. If you’re spending a lot on a sofa piece, it would be nice to look for one that has a fifth leg in the center because it provides additional support.

6.      Check the springs:

You might want to look for a sofa piece with the typical coiled springs if you like stable sofas. Whereas, if you wish for a softer feel of your sofa, you might want to go for zigzag coils. Before buying, you must take off the sofa cushions and press on the sofa base. This must push the coils down and then spring into their place again immediately.

7.      Check your Cushions:

You must find firm cushions that have a changeable cover that matches on both sides. These are able to hold up better in the long run. The cushions that are fully covered do cost more than those that are patterned on one side and are tan backing or plain white on the other, but they last for long and wear off uniformly if you flip them over after some time. It’s best if you find detachable covers which are washable.


Now that you’re armed with all these tips for buying quality furniture, you will definitely feel a lot more confident about buying furniture.