Best Furniture Choices for the Start of the Spring

Best Furniture Choices for the Start of the Spring

Best Furniture Choices - Spring is the season when you sense that it’s time for a change. You like to feel the freshness of the new year and the warmth of the season that is quickly approaching. Spring is the best time of the year for de-cluttering our living spaces and removing what is old or useless. It is also the best time for decoration projects or upgrades. It’s probably due to the fact that the day is longer now and we get to see more sun than we used to during the winter. In case you feel the need to change something inside your home, but you’re not sure what, you should take a look at the following ideas. Changing the furniture in certain parts of the house, plus a few decorative items can give your home an entirely different look.

  • Sofa or armchairs in the color of mint

 Any shade of green is more than welcome if you want to revive your interior space and give it a fresh, spring-like look. But, this year, mint is highly fashionable and will definitely bring in the kind of touch you would like to get. You can use this color in the living room, kitchen, or dining room, as it has the power to energize and help you start the day in a positive manner. So, seriously consider getting a set of armchair and sofa in the mint color. If you really like this color, chairs in the dining room or cabinets in the kitchen are also great ideas.


  • Furniture items in bright colors and lively patterns

 When choosing furniture for your home, allow spring to inspire you. What do you see in spring? A lot of colorful flowers decorating everything. Bright purple, pink, blue, yellow, they can be seen all over nature. So, don’t hesitate to get an ottoman, for instance, in lavender purple color or iris blue. If the ottoman will have gorgeous patterns on it, it will be even better. You can use this kind of accent furniture in the form of armchairs. If you are afraid that there will be too much color, opting for pillows or other small decorative details instead will turn things down a notch.


  • Washed wooden furniture

 Since the coming of the spring means more light and sunshine, getting furniture in lighter colors will definitely change the face of your indoor space. Lighter furniture will make a room look larger and will give you the feeling that there’s more natural light entering the room. Washed wood furniture, for example, has a somewhat romantic charm to it. It looks slightly used, in spite of being new, like you’re in an escape somewhere far away from home. If you like this kind of furniture, it will be a chic addition to your indoor décor, whether you are using it in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room.


  • Get a bar cart if you don’t have one

 A bar cart can be extremely useful in every home. Supply it with everything you need, but keep things down to a minimal look. Add a small vase with flowers to it and you’ll have an aesthetic touch to a furniture item that will definitely spice up entertainment in your home and increase the level of comfort you enjoy.


  • Rustic style furniture

 If the start of the spring makes you think about the sunny days when you used to run free on fields filled with flowers, near your grandparents’ house, you should definitely consider getting some rustic style furniture. Whether it’s a table, cabinet, or even the entire kitchen furniture, this is the kind of style that can make a house warm and welcoming. Add some curtains with floral prints and use natural materials wherever possible, if you considered a larger decorative project, and you’ll obtain a stunning effect. It will be like escaping to a vacation destination each time you get back home.


  • Plant-inspiration prints for upholstery

 It is very easy to welcome spring in your home if you choose furniture items that have leaves printed on them. The prints don’t have to be green if you don’t want that, but as long as you can spot leaves somewhere, you can obtain the desired effect. Of course, don’t hesitate to opt for floral prints either. If you can find floral prints in pastel colors, you will enjoy an elegant yet very spring-like effect. This solution is ideal for those that are not adepts of bright colors and would like something more discreet. You can even match prints in neutral colors with pillows that have green leaves printed on them. Add a jute rug to the combination and you’ll feel like vacationing on an exotic island, instead of being at home.


  • A colorful carpet can also be a solution

 If you don’t have such a generous budget for this spring’s decoration projects, then bet your money on a colorful carpet. Changing the carpet is probably one of the most accessible yet effective ways of changing the way a room looks like. To make it feel like spring, opt for a carpet that has a light background, like light ivory, with bright color accents. You can choose geometric forms or flowers, it is up to you, as long as you get the desired color combinations. If you still have some money left, you can change the curtains, choosing matching colors, and your room will have a brand new face.


  • Spring is not all about green, as it can also mean sheer colors

 While green or mint can indeed be beautiful colors, they are not for everybody. If this is your case, opting for sheer, translucent, and elegant colors can be a better approach. We are talking about powdery pink, light lavender, and precious ivory. They can be beautifully complemented by accents of dark leather and wood. The sheer colors will make you feel it’s spring in an elegant and romantic manner, while the natural materials in dark colors will offer depth and warmth to your indoor space.


Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy the ideal indoor space for this spring while offering the degree of comfort and elegance you are seeking. Just make sure you choose the solution that best vibrates with your style and personality.

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