The Best DIY Home Decorating Tips That will Change your Home

The Best DIY Home Decorating Tips That will Change your Home

Question, would you like your home be more welcoming and beautifully decorated? Well, you should know that you don’t have to make massive changes in order to have that pleasant fresh of enjoying a brand new space. With the help of a few DIY home decorating tips that will completely change the appearance of your home, you will once again relive the excitement of walking into a warm, cozy, and elegant space.


Use small furniture items to refresh the atmosphere

You don’t have to spend small fortunes and change all the furniture  within a room just to make it look like new. Using small home furnishings, like a coffee table, an armchair, anything that may set a new style to the room by simply being there will work wonders. Of course, it is highly recommended to pick a practical piece of furniture, if you want to make sure that the space is used without a purpose. Opt for furniture items made out of modern materials and geometric designs if you want a modern aspect, or choose romantic and vintage items if you are nostalgic about the past centuries. You will find quite a few on


Add architectural touches to a dull wall

An empty wall can be easily transformed into an art gallery and an accent wall by adding architectural accents to it. You can do this by buying trim board and creating framing on your wall. Start by framing the edges toward the ceiling, floor, and sides, and, if the wall is rather generous, you can even create two or three vertical lines, to create a multiple frame. Within this frame, you can place paintings  or your favorite photos. Just don’t forget to paint the frame in the same color as your wall and to use the same color for the frames of your paintings and photos, or two colors that look good together without attracting the eye away from the artwork, like silver and black. You will find a wide diversity of paintings of, suitable for every taste and preference, to create the best home accent.


A bedroom with golden accents will appear bigger and more welcoming

This is a trick that works great in the case of small bedrooms, although bigger bedrooms can also benefit from it. You can choose discreet home lighting

fixtures, like a beautiful wall sconce, for the light needed in the bedroom. It is highly recommended to visit the lighting section on, because you will find charming wall sconces that will definitely transform your bedroom. Then with the help of metallic wallpaper with a mottled designed, applied on the wall where the wall sconces will be placed, you will create a light bouncing effect, giving your bedroom warmth and the sensation of a more generous space.


A rug can definitely be the missing piece

Rugs do not represent such a big investment and they certainly add fresh new accents to a room. So, if you feel that the current rug is not doing its job properly, maybe it is time to change it with something new. If you don’t want to change too many details in a room, then use the surrounding colors to inspire you when picking the new rug. But, in case you are tempted to go for a different color, you may have to change the curtains, pillow cases, and any other details as well, to creating a matching aspect with your desired rug. So, it depends very much on your designated budget.


A chandelier will add elegance

You won’t believe just how much well-picked lighting fixtures can change an interior space until you actually go for it and change the old ones you have. If you always wanted for the living room, for instance, to have a more elegant air, a chandelier will definitely help you on this task. Add velvet curtains in the same room for some drama and a baroque air, especially if the curtains come with a beautiful design as well. Of course, chandeliers don’t have to be vintage and old-looking all the time. You can always opt for modern chandeliers, made out of glass with bold colors and geometric shapes. Or perhaps a minimal chandelier will work best in your case, having several lines ending in simple light bulbs for a more urban design. The choice is entirely yours, but no matter what kind of chandelier you’re looking to get, will provide a wide range of chandeliers and lighting fixtures that will help you create the home décor you desire.


Bring your vacation memories in your everyday life

Even if you didn’t bring back too many souvenirs from your vacation to decorate an entire room, you can still do it with the help of a few decorative items. So, did you enjoy a lot your vacation in Morocco or Egypt? Did seeing Africa made you feel free again? Or perhaps the Mediterranean area was the ideal escape destination in your case? You can easily recreate an atmosphere that will make you think about your dream vacation by using a couple of decorative items. Vases, statues, small lamps, and even pillows with designs that will take your mind back in your last vacation will do. The main idea is to find items that are similar to what you recall seeing in your travel experiences. For instance, if you visited Thailand, a small Buddha statue will work or perhaps a beautiful elephant sculpture. Vases work great if you visited the Mediterranean area or Egypt, as you most certainly find models that will resemble the ones you saw there. You can use the accents provided by these items to create an entire style for a room, searching for curtains, lighting fixtures, rugs, pillow cases, and other small details in the same style, getting as close as possible to your vacation memories.

It is really not that complicated or time consuming to decorate your home in a fresh new way. All you need to do is to be certain about the effect you want to create and dedicate a budget that will tell you how much you can work in this direction. By paying attention to a few details, your home will look brand new with very little effort.